With our partners, our communication network is on the cutting edge of technology and the right supplement to the in both locations (in Sousse and Tunis ) used  hardware.
Globalnet and Tunisie Telecom offer us fiber optic. A broadband network with the best available data transmission rate and allows the quickest way of networking  from Sousse and Tunis in the entire world.

 "Globalnet" or "Gnet" is one of the two leading Internetprovider in Tunisia and belongs to the 3S Group (Standard-sharing software).

Tunisie Telecom: Tunisie Telecom is the name of the most traditionel telecommunication company in Tunisia. Tunisie Telecom is an integral partner of the Arab Tunisian Bank and offers  private customers, young and old, different offers of application for modern technologies and offers companies like Phone Marketing the perfect base and support in daily business.

In addition:

Be in web: Our trustfull and fixed partner for to web design. Thanks for the support of creating the website!

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